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Portable Generators

Portable generators, while they are not a necessity, they are great to have around. Their uses are limitless.

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Generac Portable Generators for Cleveland & Northern Ohio

When we think about using a generator in Ohio it is almost always when there is an emergency power outage. Or when our circumstances call for the dire need of a generator could mean life or death for us! Perhaps I am painting a grim picture, but power, for many of us equals life.

While camping and other outdoor adventures are supposed to connect us to nature, many of us are unable to bare the outdoors without the comforts that electricity affords. Portable generators, while they are not a necessity, they are great to have around. Their uses are limitless.

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We offer a wide variety of portable generators that are easy to use and provide exceptional value.

Generac Portable Generator Series

iQ2000 Portable Generator

Quieter. Smarter. Innovative. The new iQ2000 inverter generator lets you bring power wherever life takes you. From tailgating parties to camping trips and beyond. Find out why packing one for your next expedition is such a smart move.

Quiet Power
The iQ2000 uses a different type of alternator than standard generators. A digital inverter module converts the raw power produced from DC to AC power. Engine speed varies depending on electrical demand — which significantly reduces noise levels.

Avoid Surprises
The run-time remaining display shows how long before you need to refuel — at a glance. No more guesswork or running out when you least expect it.

Know Your Limits
The exclusive Powerbar™ monitors and instantly displays the wattage you’re producing at the moment. So you’ll always know how much capacity you have.

Generac XD Series

Power to Work
Generac’s XD Series diesel powered portable generator featuring True Power™ Technology, provides less than 6% total harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances; ideal for jobsites and agricultural applications.

Yanmar LW Series Engine
Air-cooled direct injection, industrial-grade diesel powered engine is more efficient, requires less maintenance and provides long life

Large Fuel Tank
Large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times

Single Touch Electric Start
For easy start-up (battery not included)

Generac RS Series

Generac RS Series 7000E Portable Generator rapid Start portable generators with PowerDial, provides back up power with the turn of a dial. The PowerDial streamlines the start-up process by putting all the controls on one convenient dial, so no more separate switches for turning on the engine, opening the fuel valve, or to adjust the choke.

PowerDial™ integrates the start, run and stop functions into one simple-to-use dial, conveniently located for quicker startup and shut-down, eliminating the search for separate controls in an emergency.
Generac's 420cc OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life.
Single touch electric start
, battery included, provides hassle-free start-up.
Low-oil shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damage.
Covered outlets
provide added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions
Hour Meter tracks maintenance intervals.

Generac GP Series

The GP5500 has enough power for emergency use, when you’re not using it for outdoor recreation and DIY projects.

OHV Engine
Generac's OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life.
Large Fuel Tank
Large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times.
Low-Oil Shutdown
Low-oil level shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damage.
Hour Meter
Hour meter tracks maintenance intervals.
Durable Steel Frame
Hardened 1 1/4" steel tube cradle for added durability and strength.
Fold-Down Handle
Fold-down, locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage.
Never-Flat Wheels

Heavy-duty, never-flat wheels for reliable portability.
Environmentally Friendly
CSA and CARB Certified.

Generac XG Series

Generac's XG Series portable generators provide all the benefits you've come to expect from a portable generator, and just a little bit more. It's the premium portable generator solution for home use.

Generac OHVI® Engine
Built specifically for generator use, Generac's OHVI engine incorporates full-pressure lubrication with an automotive-style spin-on oil filter for long engine life.
Illuminated LED Control Panel
Easily monitor the generator power you're using.
Large Steel Fuel Tank
Extend running times and make refueling easier on your XG Series portable generator.
Covered Outlets
When not being used, all XG Series outlets have this added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.
Heavy-duty, Never-flat Wheels
Helping to make your portable power that much more so, these wheels will let you take your XG Series portable generator across any terrain.
Exclusive PowerBar™
Easily monitor the generator power you're using.
Hour Meter
Track the usage of your XG Series portable generator, and monitor maintenance cycles.
Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
Your XG Series portable generator’s Generac OHVI engine is protected in case oil pressure runs low. The engine will shut down automatically, preventing potential damage.
Heavy Duty 1 1/4" Steel Tube Cradle

The cradle on the XG Series has been designed to protect your generator, even under the roughest conditions.

Generac XC Series

XC Professional Series Portable Generators are engineered specifically for contractors and construction sites. Featuring Generac’s G-Force engine - the only pressure-lubed engine designed exclusively for generator use, providing reliable and durable best-in-class power on any job-site.

X Frame - Fully Wrapped, Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Steel Tube Provides rugged durability and protects the generator and fuel tank from damage.
Steel Lifting Pocket Designed for easier lifting and transportation on jobsites by crane or forklift.
Generac G-Force Engine Features Best-in-Class power with full pressure lubrication and is optimized for generator use.
Impact Resistant Fuel Tank Design Recessed tank edges reduce damage when transported by forklift.
Full Panel GFCI Protection OSHA compliant with covered outlets to protect from the elements.
Easy Access To All Routine Maintenance Areas Including filters and spark plugs; no need to remove fuel tank or side panels.
Never Flat Wheels With Steel Hubs Makes movement around the jobsite easy and efficient.
Protected Axle Integrated into frame, shields from impact during transport.
Welded Steel Feet Reinforced for superior durability.
Fold-Down Locking Handles Features one-handed locking mechanism for easy storage.
Engraving Plate Allows unit to be tagged / cataloged for use in contractor and rental fleets.
Oversized Glove-Ready Touchpoints  Fuel Valve, Choke Lever and Rocker Switches allow easy operation while wearing gloves
TruePower™ Technology Provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances.
Idle Control Reduces noises and conserves fuel for extended run-times.

Generac XP Series

Generac XP SERIES 10000E portable generator, one of the largest portable generators available, the rugged, professional grade XP10000E offers premium features that make it ideal for job sites and day long events.

Full panel GFCI protection is OSHA and NEC 2011 compliant.
Idle control conserves fuel and reduces noise.Integrated lifting eye allows for easy transport and security on the job site.
Electric start with battery included.
Generac’s OHVI™ engine is the only engine designed specifically for generator use, providing the reliability needed to run for hours on the job site, and days or even weeks during an outage.
Durable construction with hardened 1.25" steel tube cradle and cast metal corners minimizes damage from rough handling.
TruePower™ technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools, and appliances.
Low oil pressure shutdown protects engine from damage.
Covered outlets for more protection from the environment.
Locking, folding handles and never-flat wheels are included.
External battery charge jack for added convenience.
Maintenance kit included.

Portable Generators Cleveland

Today’s portable generators have been essential as emergency backup for residential homeowners and for commercial businesses in Cleveland, Ohio. The catastrophic storms that have devastated coastal towns have left many residences without power and stuck with no way to heat their homes while waiting for emergency and rescue crews to reach them. However, residences and businesses that have a portable generator piggy back their main electrical supply never have to worry about being placed in that situation again.

Current generators vary in wattage and can generate enough power to run your refrigerator, televisions, a/c units and more. Businesses, hospitals, universities and government agencies and local cities also have seen the benefits of using portable generators in Cleveland Ohio. Realizing hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, terrorists’ attacks and other unforeseen circumstances can disrupt power supply. Having a backup source of power supply is vital for these institutions and agencies to continue providing services to the many citizens and customers that they service. The use of portable generators in Cleveland, Ohio, will help to keep the workforce engaged and operating at full efficiency ensuring the safety and services will continue uninterrupted.

On job-sites, many construction workers use power tools. Unfortunately, the job-site may not be well equipped or connected to supply enough amps to operate the powerful tools needed to complete the work onsite. Providing portable generators that range in amp output will deliver enough power to operate multiple tools simultaneously.

How about for those wonderful, family vacations. Having a portable generator is like taking the comforts of home with you on vacation
. Whether you are camping in a tent or cabin, or Rving a portable generator allows you to power up your television, radio, charge batteries, electronic devices, run small freezers and power lights. So if you are thinking of investing in a portable generator for whatever reason and are not certain where to start your search, give Ohio Generator Experts a call. We are Ohio’s #1 full service generator and electrical contractor. Our qualified technicians and journeyman our knowledgeable in residential, commercial and industrial applications and are ready to provide quality service at affordable rates.

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